Deemer gig at Zero Wave

Really enjoyed playing a set at Zero Wave last Wednesday with Deemer. Held in an intimate room downstairs at the Harrison Pub near Kings Cross, we were joined by another four acts all improvising using electronics. There was a good listening crowd too! Great opportunity to try out the analogue multi effects processor I’m borrowing from Merijn… it really adds a new dimension to my improvising. Looking forward to more chances to try it out very soon!



New format: DEEMER + 1

My improvising electronics duo Deemer are trying out a new format by inviting a guest (Ed Riches on guitar) to join us tonight for inventive trio Taupe‘s album launch at The Vortex. In our rehearsal yesterday we tried out a series of permutations, each lasting 5 minutes, exploring the different roles each of us could take on. This resulted in short pieces that were contrasting and focused. It will be great to try this out in front of an unsuspecting audience tonight!