10th February: Entropi @ CLARE JAZZ, Cambridge

14th February: Soul Immigrants @ SPICE OF LIFE, Soho, London

21st February: Deemer @ ZERO WAVE, Kings Cross, London

22nd February: Entropi @ CELLAR CLUB, Hemel Hempstead

23rd February: Soul Immigrants @ THE PARTRIDGE, Bromley, Kent

28th February: Pronto Jazz @ GUYS HOSPITAL, London (lunchtime concert)

9th March: Duo with Cath Roberts @ SOUNDLING FESTIVAL, New Cross, London

17th March: Soul Immigrants @ THE JUNCTION, London

23rd March: Amy Lives @ MONTERREY, Mexico

24th March: Amy Lives @ MEXICO CITY, Mexico

25th March: Amy Lives @ GUADALAJARA, Mexico

31st March: Atmosfear @ EASTER SOUNDS FESTIVAL, Paris

4th April: Duo with Francesca Tea-Berg @ THE OLD CHURCH, Stoke Newington, London

8th April: Soul Immigrants @ RONNIE SCOTT’S (UPSTAIRS), Soho, London

14th April: Duo with Cath Roberts @ BRÅK, Water Into Beer, Brockley, London

20th April: Beats & Pieces Big Band @ JAZZAHEAD, Bremen, Germany

29th April: Dee Byrne Quartet @ ARTS DEPOT, Finchley, London

14th May: Johnny Hunter Quartet @ MATT & PHRED’S, Manchester

19th May: Soul Immigrants @ PIZZA EXPRESS, Soho, London (late Show)

20th May: Duo w/ Cath Roberts @ GREEN NOTE, Camden, London

26th May: Atmosfear @ Under The Bridge, Chelsea, London

9th June: Nerija @ Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama, Cardiff, Wales

22nd June: Bombyx Mori @ Supersonic Festival (Ideas of Noise stage) Birmingham

2nd July: Hunter/Byrne Quartet @ NQ JAZZ, The Whiskey Jar, Manchester

14th July: Soul Immigrants @ The Partridge, Bromley

27th July: Beats & Pieces Big Band @ Manchester Jazz Festival

9th September: Duo w/ Cath Roberts @ Hundred Years Gallery, London (Raw Tonk)

10th September: House band @ Matt & Phred’s, Manchester

11th September: Hunter/Byrne/Sharkey/Bardon @ Slug and Lettuce, Manchester

22nd September: Soul Immigrants @ Toulouse Lautrec, Kennington, London

30th September: NYJO Jazz jam @ Foyles, London

30th September: Duo w/ Cath Roberts @ Linear Obsessional Live, Brockley, London

4th October: Entropi @ Brighton Alternative Jazz Festival Launch, The Verdict, Brighton

5th October: Entropi @ Vortex, London (Late show: Match & Fuse)

6th October: Soul Immigrants @ The Partridge, Bromley, Kent

7th October: Deemer @ Vortex, London

13th October: Entropi @ Marsden Jazz Festival, Yorkshire (BBC Radio 3 Jazz Now)

24 October: Dee Byrne trio @ The Junction, London

27th October: Byrne/Hunter duo @ Resonance FM, London

4th November: Soul Immigrants @ Ronnie Scotts Upstairs, Soho, London

9th November: Entropi @ Con Cellar Bar, Camden, London

13th November: Duo w/ Cath Roberts @ Noizemaschin, London

16th November: Raising Hell with Henry Purcell (Ethan Iverson London residency) @ Kings Place, London (EFG London Jazz Festival)

20th November: Improvised Music Agenda All Stars @ Shelf Life #3, Aces and Eights, Tufnell Park, London

23rd November: Atmosfear @ Focus On Jazz, The Bear, Luton

30th November: Solo set @ Yarmonics event, Norwich

6th December: Now It Can Be Told @ Wharf Chambers, Leeds

8th December: Magic Lantern @ BBC Radio 6 Live Session, London

10th December: Favourite Animals @ City University, London

24th December: Entropi @ Jazz Now broadcast from Marsden Jazz Festival, BBC Radio 3

31st December: Soul Immigrants @ Toulouse Lautrec, London