18th January: Soul Immigrants @ The Pelton Arms, Greenwich

25th January: Atmosfear @ The Bear Club, Luton

17th February: MoonMot @ NQ Jazz, Manchester (album launch tour)

18th February: MoonMot @ The Vortex, London (album launch tour)

19th February: MoonMot @ The Lescar, Sheffield (album launch tour)

20th February: MoonMot @ FUSE Art Space, Bradford (album launch tour)

21st February: MoonMot @ The Bebop Club, Bristol (album launch tour)

29th February: Trio w/Cath Roberts & Craig Scott @ BRÅKFest, Hundred Years Gallery, London

1st March: MoonMot @ Liverpool International Jazz Festival (album launch tour)

8th March: MoonMot @ Metropol, Arnhem NL (album launch tour)

9th March: MoonMot @ Hot Club, Gent BE (album launch tour)

10th March: MoonMot @ De Peper, Amsterdam NL (album launch tour)

11th March: : De Audio Plant, Antwerp BE (album launch tour)

12th March: MoonMot @ Off Bar, Basel CH (album launch tour)

13th March: MoonMot @ BeJazz, Bern CH (album launch tour)

14th March: MoonMot @ Kiste, Stuttgart DE (album launch tour)

18th March: Soul Immigrants @ Spice Of Life, Soho, London [CANCELLED]

21st March: Atmosfear @ 100 Club, London [CANCELLED]

26th March: Atmosfear @ New Morning, Paris FR [CANCELLED]

4th April: Soul Immigrants @ Hampstead Jazz Club, London [CANCELLED]

5th April: Philip Clouts Quartet @ Stapleford Granary, Cambridge [CANCELLED]

10th April: Outlines @ DND, Stoke Newington, London [CANCELLED]

13th April: Johnny Hunter Quartet @ Matt and Phreds, Manchester [CANCELLED]

26th April: Ydivide @ TBA, Zurich CH [CANCELLED]

28th April: Ydivide @ Cafe Bar Mokka, Thun CH [CANCELLED]

1st May: Atmosfear @ Vortex Jazz Club, Dalston, London (DIOS official launch) [CANCELLED]

6th May: Dee Byrne Quartet @ Hampstead Jazz Club, London [CANCELLED]

10th May: Ydivide @ Cheltenham Jazz Festival [CANCELLED]

20th May: Dee Byrne Quintet @ The Fringe, Bristol [CANCELLED]

22nd May: Atmosfear @ Soul Weekend, Weymouth [CANCELLED]

22nd July: Duo with Cath Roberts @ Cafe Kino, Bristol (album launch tour) [CANCELLED]

23rd July: Duo with Cath Roberts @ Summit, Salford (album launch tour) [CANCELLED]

25th July: Atmosfear @ Jazz Cafe, Camden, London [CANCELLED]

27th July: Duo with Cath Roberts @ Notes and Sounds, Sheffield (album launch tour)[CANCELLED]

28th July: Duo with Cath Roberts @ Noise Upstairs, Todmorden (album launch tour)[CANCELLED]

29th July: Duo with Cath Roberts @ Film Flam, London (album launch tour) [CANCELLED]