ENTROPI is my quintet with trumpeter Andre Canniere, keyboardist Rebecca Nash, drummer Matt Fisher and bassist Olie Brice. We have released two albums: New Era (F-IRE) in 2015 and Moment Frozen (Whirlwind) in 2017. 

‘Intense, muscular jazz voyage.’ ★★★★ The Guardian (full review)

‘Byrne’s second album possesses both maturity and complexity but crucially it’s imbued with its own cohesive energy.’ ★★★★ All About Jazz (full review)

“A boiling mix of ideas… Byrne’s compositions contain a unique blend of tension, drama, exploration and resolution.” ★★★★ Jazz Journal

‘The word is starting to get out. Entropi are now ready for bigger stages.’
LondonJazz News (full review)