Fuelled by a love of improvisation and a growing obsession for effects pedals, I have embarked on a solo project, blending acoustic sounds with interweaving electronic textures and moody soundscapes. In 2019 I had the opportunity to perform this project at the Vortex downstairs bar in July, the East London Jazz Festival in October and The London Jazz Festival in November.

‘…eerily ambient yet texturally animated.’ Jazzwise – live review from East London Jazz Festival

Since the pandemic, I’ve been unable to perform live, but instead have been making short videos from my flat. Mostly these have been streamed on the Freedom The Art of Improvisation nights on Facebook. This monthly event would normally take place on a busy Monday night at the Vortex, but translates online rather well. The night was reviewed by the Wire magazine in autumn 2020 and my solo set got a nice mention: ‘Saxophonist Dee Byrne circles backwards and forwards in time with effects pedals, pad-triggered electronics and smudged, sultry ,alto lines, conjuring a Fourth World ambience.’

You can find all my solo sets on my YouTube channel.