Pre-production of Entropi’s upcoming album ‘Moment Frozen’ successfully completed!

.. and here it is! The album is sounding amazing! Artwork to follow… but for now huge thanks to Peter Beckmann at Technologyworks Mastering, James Towler at Wincraft Studios and Alex Bonney for a great job mixing. Thanks also to PRS Foundation for making this possible through the Women Make Music scheme. Looking forward to releasing this on Whirlwind Recordings in September. Album launch is 29th September at Kings Place – save the date!!!

entropi master




New format: DEEMER + 1

My improvising electronics duo Deemer are trying out a new format by inviting a guest (Ed Riches on guitar) to join us tonight for inventive trio Taupe‘s album launch at The Vortex. In our rehearsal yesterday we tried out a series of permutations, each lasting 5 minutes, exploring the different roles each of us could take on. This resulted in short pieces that were contrasting and focused. It will be great to try this out in front of an unsuspecting audience tonight!


LUME Lab #1: Word of Moth

I’m looking forward to playing with Word Of Moth for LUME Lab #1 at IKLECTIK on Wednesday 8th February. We’ve even gone and written a dedicated blog! You can buy tickets on the Luminous Bandcamp page. The moths will also be busy recording our debut album this month as well as venturing out to Switzerland for the Jazzwerkstatt collective’s tenth anniversary festival. #EXCITEMENT!

Dee Byrne + Cath Roberts + Seth Bennett + Johnny Hunter

Photo by Tom Ward

ENTROPI gig at Karamel on 2nd Feb!

Entropi’s next gig is at Jazz at Karamel on Thursday 2nd February. Advance tickets are available on the Karamel website. We’ll be playing material from our new album ‘Moment Frozen’ coming out this September on Whirlwind Recordings. The album is supported by PRSF Foundation Women Make Music Scheme. See you there!


Photo by Tom Ward



LUME is back with a brand new series called LUME Lab! It’s edition #1 of what we hope will be a regular occurrence where we offer a group of artists the chance to develop an area of interest, invite them to let us in on the process by writing in a dedicated blog and finish the journey with a live performance at IKLECTIK presented by LUME. Read more about it on the LUME website and buy tickets on the Luminous Bandcamp page. First up it’s Word Of Moth, a collaborative group featuring myself, Cath Roberts, Seth Bennett and Johnny Hunter. The ensemble’s ‘spontaneous group explorations and tightly-scored, big-booted riffs’ were praised by Daniel Spicer in The Wire magazine.

Deemer gigs in December


We’re looking forward to playing at The Noise Upstairs this Thursday 8th December at the Fuel Cafe, 448 Wilmslow Road, Manchester M20 3BW. The Noise Upstairs is a Manchester based improv collective run by Anton Hunter and Rodrigo Constanzo which puts on a monthly free-improv night: ‘The basic premise is that anyone can turn up and join in by putting their name in the hat. Names are pulled out, ensembles formed, and hearts broken.’ Read more about it on their website.

 LUME was inspired by this idea to create its own version: The Hat Speaks, which was last held in December 2015 at Hundred Years Gallery and more recently, Cath Roberts brought it to Lancaster Jazz Festival when she was Artist in Residence this September. Lots of fun was had!

Back in London on 21st December we’ll be playing at Paper Dress Vintage, 352a Mare Street, London E8 1HR as part of a regular electronic/experimental music night (with a festive twist). Find out more on the Facebook Event.

In other news: we had a fun cassette launch last Thursday 1st December to celebrate our new release on Luminous Label. Check it out!

Deemer ‘Live At The Vortex’ cassette tape launch Thurs 1st December 2016

Deemer, my electronics/improv duo with Merijn Royaards is releasing its second album on Luminous Label this Thursday 1st December with a live set in a secret location in North London. Doors 8pm, music starts 8.30pm. Limited places available! Once you’ve bought your ticket, we’ll give you the address.

Advance tickets are available from the Luminous Bandcamp site.

ENTROPI upcoming gigs & new material

ENTROPI will be performing new music at EFG London Jazz Festival on Monday 14th November (part of a mega LUME triple bill with Ripsaw Catfish & LUMEkestra), then on Wednesday 23rd at Cambridge Jazz Festival performing at the Unitarian Church. Our recently recorded upcoming second album was generously funded by PRSF Women Make Music scheme and will be released next Autumn on Whirlwind Recordings. Entropi is me (alto sax), Andre Canniere (trumpet), Rebecca Nash (keys), Olie Brice (bass) and Matt Fisher (drums).

I aim to communicate a particular feeling, thought or idea through music, like an expressionist painting that catches your eye and draws you in. The compositions have structure but are also open-ended, allowing space for extended improvisation and interaction to occur.

Fish Whisperer is a meditative piece which is about a period of enforced reflection when I was looking after a friend’s pet fish and had some time on my hands. Stelliferous Era is about one of the five stages of the life of the universe that we are now in, where the existence of stars make it possible for us to be alive. This period is transitory, and serves as a reminder of the fleeting experience of life on this planet. Leap of Faith has a hymn-like quality, attempting to convey a sense of innocent hope in the face of shifting socio-political and personal landscapes. Cold Light of Day depicts a moment of realisation that something has irrevocably changed. It’s quite an epic piece with a cathartic climax.

It’s Time was the first tune I wrote and aims to depict the feeling of optimism that comes with new beginnings. Elst Pizarro is a composition I wrote inspired by the name of a body in space discovered in 1979 that perplexed astronomers because it displayed the characteristics of both a comet and an asteroid. I found this intriguing; space objects as well as humans don’t always conform! Moment frozen is an epilogue to Elst Pizarro attempting to recreate the circular motion of this comet/asteroid in the asteroid belt, with the horns guiding the unwieldy rhythm section around the circular form. Interloper is about an unwanted intruder. It’s quite a dark, aggressive tune, but also chaotic and fun to play!



EFG LJF triple bill on Mon 14th Nov!!

Special one-off LUME triple bill at IKLECTIK on Monday 14th November featuring ENTROPI, RIPSAW CATFISH and making its debut appearance: the LUMEkestra, an unwieldy 20 headed monster made up of top UK/European musicians playing original compositions by its members.

Advance tickets available from the Luminous Bandcamp site.



DEEMER Autumn news

This Autumn is shaping up for Deemer! We’ve got a new HQ for a start which is perfect for us to rehearse and try out new things. Also some great gigs coming up starting with a set at FlimFlam on Wednesday 28th September (as part of a monster triple bill). On Saturday 22nd October we’re playing a live set on Resonance FM (Hello Goodbye Show), then on Tuesday 25th, were off to Derby to play at THE WEEK, an ambitious 5 day festival of cutting edge music curated by Out Front. December 8th we’re playing at the Noise Upstairs, a long running improv-night in Manchester. December also marks the release of our cassette on Luminous Label. Launch date and location will be disclosed nearer the time. Watch this space!

In the meanwhile, check out our video: