Ydivide album release today on Intakt Records

Ydivide is a quintet I’m in playing the compositions of Swiss drummer Clemens Kuratle, also featuring Elliot Galvin, Chris Guilfoyle and Lukas Traxel. In November last year we recorded our debut album LUMUMBA at Hard Studios, Switzerland. I really enjoyed being part of the whole process of rehearsing, performing & recording this music.

“The discipline of composition and freedom of improvisation steer the music, and the presence or rhythms that crackle with dance-like energy as well as bursts of harmonic turbulence and meditative choruses point to Kuratle‘s embrace of both ‚in‘ and ‚out‘ sounds.” [Album liner notes by Kevin LeGendre.]

by Palma Fiacco

New solo album ‘Live at Cafe Oto’ out TODAY

I’m very pleased to be releasing my first solo album on Luminous label. ‘Live at Cafe Oto’ was recorded on 11th June, when I played a support set for Washington D.C. duo Model Home.

I played for an uninterrupted 27 minutes to a focused and attentive audience. The result is a diverse range of textures, moods, wild scramblings, agitated stutterings, drones, squeaks, clicks and unabashed melody. These seemingly disparate sonic explorations are held together by an overarching intention to express what wants to be expressed in the moment.

The digital album is available to purchase on bandcamp. Artwork by Cath Roberts.