New LUME season starting in May

LUME is back at Hundred Years Gallery on 20th May for a brand new season! Triple bills always with one solo set, these gigs allow Cath and I to invite our favourite artists into this creative, dynamic space. On 20th May I’ll be doing a solo set with electronics. My solo project has become a really important part of my development as an artist and I’m discovering that each time I get to perform solo, I’m increasing my ability to focus and let go into the moment. Hugely rewarding and quite scary! On 17th June I’m excited to play a duo with the super talented Lara Jones – we’ll be having a creative dialogue using our saxophones and electronics. For the final gig of this season on 15th July, my long-time collaborator Rebecca Nash and I will be exploring our original music in the duo format (for the first time!) Also really looking forward to hearing all the other sets.

Music starts at 8pm, doors 7.30pm. £10 entry. See you there!

Dee and Cath (taken by my Iphone on a timer!)

Motherboard Pinball

New album: Motherboard Pinball by UK/Swiss trio: Oli Kuster – Cyrill Ferrari – Dee Byrne is out TODAY on Efpi Records! The album was recorded remotely during lockdown and is a collaboration between myself and Bern-based musicians Oli Kuster (modular synth) & Cyrill Ferrari (guitar/effects.) We had a couple of pre-album release gigs in Switzerland in September and the trio will be playing a run of gigs in the UK in November.