ENTROPI upcoming gigs & new material

ENTROPI will be performing new music at EFG London Jazz Festival on Monday 14th November (part of a mega LUME triple bill with Ripsaw Catfish & LUMEkestra), then on Wednesday 23rd at Cambridge Jazz Festival performing at the Unitarian Church. Our recently recorded upcoming second album was generously funded by PRSF Women Make Music scheme and will be released next Autumn on Whirlwind Recordings. Entropi is me (alto sax), Andre Canniere (trumpet), Rebecca Nash (keys), Olie Brice (bass) and Matt Fisher (drums).

I aim to communicate a particular feeling, thought or idea through music, like an expressionist painting that catches your eye and draws you in. The compositions have structure but are also open-ended, allowing space for extended improvisation and interaction to occur.

Fish Whisperer is a meditative piece which is about a period of enforced reflection when I was looking after a friend’s pet fish and had some time on my hands. Stelliferous Era is about one of the five stages of the life of the universe that we are now in, where the existence of stars make it possible for us to be alive. This period is transitory, and serves as a reminder of the fleeting experience of life on this planet. Leap of Faith has a hymn-like quality, attempting to convey a sense of innocent hope in the face of shifting socio-political and personal landscapes. Cold Light of Day depicts a moment of realisation that something has irrevocably changed. It’s quite an epic piece with a cathartic climax.

It’s Time was the first tune I wrote and aims to depict the feeling of optimism that comes with new beginnings. Elst Pizarro is a composition I wrote inspired by the name of a body in space discovered in 1979 that perplexed astronomers because it displayed the characteristics of both a comet and an asteroid. I found this intriguing; space objects as well as humans don’t always conform! Moment frozen is an epilogue to Elst Pizarro attempting to recreate the circular motion of this comet/asteroid in the asteroid belt, with the horns guiding the unwieldy rhythm section around the circular form. Interloper is about an unwanted intruder. It’s quite a dark, aggressive tune, but also chaotic and fun to play!