Saxoctopus album out now on Raw Tonk Records!

Saxoctopus is an exciting new ensemble of eight improvising saxophonists. Our debut album is out now on Raw Tonk Records! It was recorded at The Vortex in London by Alex Bonney, and features the combined talents of Julie Kjær, Cath Roberts, Viceroy Tom Ward, Sam Andreae, Colin Webster, Oliver Dover, Rachel musson and me.

Check it out:

Two gigs + live recording with Saxoctopus

I’m looking forward to playing at ‘LUME Presents…’ at the Vortex this Sunday 7th December with Saxoctopus, a saxophone octet that ‘showcases original compositions by its members, as well as being a vehicle for exploring graphic scores and guided group improvisation.’ We’ll be sharing the bill with Alphabets, a new trio with Hannah Marshall, Nick Malcolm and Lauren Kinsella. Read more about the ‘LUME Presents…’ series on our website. Both sets will be recorded live by Alex Bonney, which is pretty exciting stuff!

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On Tuesday 9th we’ll be travelling up to Derby to play at Corey Mwamba’s Family Album. You could even call it a mini tour!

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Saxoctopus is:

Julie Kjaer – alto
Oliver Dover – alto
Dee Byrne – alto
Rachel Musson – tenor
Tom Ward – tenor
Sam Andreae – tenor
Cath Roberts – baritone
Colin Webster – baritone