LUME Lab #1: Word of Moth

I’m looking forward to playing with Word Of Moth for LUME Lab #1 at IKLECTIK on Wednesday 8th February. We’ve even gone and written a dedicated blog! You can buy tickets on the Luminous Bandcamp page. The moths will also be busy recording our debut album this month as well as venturing out to Switzerland for the Jazzwerkstatt collective’s tenth anniversary festival. #EXCITEMENT!

Dee Byrne + Cath Roberts + Seth Bennett + Johnny Hunter
Photo by Tom Ward


LUME is back with a brand new series called LUME Lab! It’s edition #1 of what we hope will be a regular occurrence where we offer a group of artists the chance to develop an area of interest, invite them to let us in on the process by writing in a dedicated blog and finish the journey with a live performance at IKLECTIK presented by LUME. Read more about it on the LUME website and buy tickets on the Luminous Bandcamp page. First up it’s Word Of Moth, a collaborative group featuring myself, Cath Roberts, Seth Bennett and Johnny Hunter. The ensemble’s ‘spontaneous group explorations and tightly-scored, big-booted riffs’ were praised by Daniel Spicer in The Wire magazine.