GIGS 2017

GIGS 2017

7th June: Word Of Moth @ THE LESCAR, Sheffield

25th June: Entropi @ LUME Festival, London

25th June: LUMEkestra @ LUME Festival, London

1st July: Word Of Moth @ Lancaster Jazz Festival Launch, Lancaster

27th September @ The Lescar, Sheffield (album launch tour)

29th September @ Kings Place, London (album launch)

6th October @ Bebop Club, Bristol (album launch tour)


Past Gigs…

2nd February: Entropi @ KARAMEL, London

8th February: Word of Moth @ LUME LAB (IKLECTIK), London

17th February: Word of Moth @ JAZZ AT THE ARENA, Wolverhampton

22-26th February: Word Of Moth @ JAZZWERKSTATT FESTIVAL, Switzerland

25th March: Shoaling with Ripsaw Catfish @ RAW TONK FESTIVAL, London

26th March: Shoaling with Ripsaw Catfish @ RAW TONK FESTIVAL, Manchester

2nd April: In Out Trio @ GATESHEAD JAZZ FESTIVAL, Gateshead

3rd April: Manchester Jazz Collective @ THE WONDER INN, Manchester

5th April: Byrne/Baxter Quintet @ THE HILARY STEP, Manchester