Space jazz quintet led by Dee Byrne, currently making waves with their debut album. Juggling order and chaos, composition and improvisation, they take listeners on an exploration of the musical cosmos.

New Era was released on the F-IRE Presents label on 1st June 2015.

‘Opening with the title track you get the distinct feeling that something is going on. You’re slap, bang in the middle of a conversation…. Interesting, stimulating music that is quite hard to pigeonhole gripped by a strong group instinct that moves from hard bop and structured modal sounds into more improv-soaked free-bop’Marlbank

‘Entropi’s New Era is an engaging album that signals the presence of a talented, creative band with imaginative, enjoyable compositions from Dee Byrne. If you get the chance to hear them play live, go. If not, then the album certainly stands on its own as an impressive debut performance.’ Ian Maund – Sandy Brown Jazz

‘The macrocosmic concept of ‘order and chaos’ (translated musically as ‘organisation and spontaneity’) is key to Entropi’s success, as revealed in title track New Era which, though heralded by nebulous sax-and-trumpet forays, actually widens into the most accessible, breezy, Herbie Hancock-style outing full of double-horn licks and eloquent solos over a compelling Rhodes-led groove. The quintet’s front line partnership is strong – Canniere seems particularly ‘at home’, as revealed in his bold, unfettered extemporisations in Mode for C (a track inspired by Coltrane’s Miles Mode); and although Byrne can be effortlessly lyrical, there’s also a constant sense of looming, edgy unpredictability in her delivery which frequently bursts into exciting, raucous alto outpourings.’ Adrian Pallant – LondonJazznews

‘Interesting space jazz project from composer & saxophonist Dee Byrne and her quintet of trumpeter Andre Canniere, keyboardist Rebecca Nash, double bassist Ollie Brice and drummer Matt Fisher.  The constant shifts between a playful groove and melodic thoughtfulness keeps the ear engaged.  A real fun album, even when the mood grows conspicuously serious.’  Bird Is The Worm

‘….Entropi led by alto sax player Byrne cooked up a storm…. a tapestry of improvisation was unfurled with each member of the quintet contributing solos embedded within the overall ensemble’s performance. It was a refreshing and thoroughly exhilarating exhibition of modern improvised music.’  Steve H – Bebop Spoken Here (Live review)

‘…tremendous new album from alto sax player Dee Byrne and her group. There’s marvellous interaction between the five players with a noticeably punchy lead from Dee Byrne and trumpeter Andre Canniere…’  Peter Bevon – Northern Echo

Dee Byrne alto saxophone

Andre Canniere trumpet

Rebecca Nash piano

Matt Fisher drums

Olie Brice bass