Deemer: The Acid House

Here’s a taste of Merijn Royaard’s sound art project ‘Acid House’, which Deemer adapted and performed at the Vortex on Sunday 7th September. More videos to come!

Deemer at the Vortex

Very much looking forward to playing at the Vortex with Deemer an experimental improvising/electronics duo with myself and Dutch sound artist Merjin Royaards. We’ve been rehearsing in an empty house in Camden (do those still exist?) all week, which is quite spooky – see photo below. It will be nice to finally move all the gear to the more cordial surroundings of the Vortex ready for our performance tomorrow night!

Dee Byrne

Dee Byrne


New artwork for LUME!

We LOVE our new LUME artwork!


Deemer at the Vortex on Sunday 7th September

Deemer – an experimental duo with myself and Dutch sound artist Merijn Royaards – are excited about playing at the Vortex on Sunday 7th September as part of the ‘LUME Presents…’  series. We are also very happy to be sharing the bill with vibraphonist Corey Mwamba! Should be a great evening of experimental and improvised music.

To buy advance tickets click HERE

Dee Byrne + Merijn Royaards + Deemer

‘LUME Presents… at the Vortex!

In the second half of 2014 LUME be in residence at the Vortex in Dalston, presenting some of our favourite musicians every first Sunday of the month (in addition to our weekly programming at Long White Cloud).

Advance tickets are on sale from the Vortex website.

LUME Presents


Very pleased to announce that on Tuesday 15th July we went beyond our Kickstarter target of £1,500 and we’ve still got 4 days to go!!!

Dee Byrne

7 days to go!

The countdown for my Kickstarter begins with 7 days to go! I am very pleased that we have managed to raise £1,223 so far.

I am also happy to announce that my album will be released by the F-IRE Collective’s own label

Kickstarter is All or Nothing, so if I don’t reach my target of £1,500, I won’t receive any of the money!

Click HERE to view my project

Dee Byrne


Deemer gig on Tuesday 8th

Myself and Merijn Royaards (aka Deemer) will be playing this Tuesday at an experimental night called Sonic Imperfections. We had a great rehearsal today! To check our Deemer’s website click HERE.



Deemer gig next Tuesday 8th July!

Looking forward to trying out some new stuff with Deemer at a new experimental music night in New Cross next week!

Deemer + Dee Byrne + Merijn Royaards IMG_5014


Kickstarter video!

I’ve made a video for my kickstarter campaign and I’m very proud of it! I did it all on my iPhone. Check it out!